Participant Information

  1. Only the person entering the race can compete*
  2. You cannot be accompanied by anyone who has not entered the race, nor by such as a walkers and cyclists.
  3. Don’t stop to take selfies or use selfie sticks
  4. You are advised not to wear ear plugs for music because you could miss vital instructions
  5. You can’t be pushed around the course
  6. You can’t push a child around the course in a buggy or pushchair
  7. You must seek approval from the organiser if you are thinking of undertaking a challenge of any description during the race
  8. If you compete in fancy dress please ensure that you are properly hydrated
  9. Wheelchair Athletes must be self propelled (not hand cranked or electric)
  10. You can’t carry a child around any part of the course

*We have an exchange number provision up until 22nd September; there will be a £5.00 admin fee, contact

Anyone found to be giving or selling their race number to another person will be banned from future Event West Ltd. events and disqualified (this applies to both the people involved)

Nigel Rowe
Race Director