Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth 5k Wessex RFCA Corporate Challenge 2019



£10.00 per person


Teams must have a minimum of four runners.
The winners will be decided by the accumulative position of the first four runners from each team.
A runner can only enter for one team (Club, Corporate, Charity or Services).

Please Note

Online registration is for single runners. When using the online registration form please ensure all runners enter the same team name.

Organisations wanting to register an entire team on behalf of the runners please contact

The Spirit of the Corporate Challenge

The idea of this event staged within the Plymouth 5k is to enable companies to engage with their employees promoting team spirit, fundraising whilst promoting their brand within a community event.

Whilst we are not too prescriptive on the size and makeup of the team (minimum of 4), we would like the spirit of the event to reflect taking part rather than winning and therefore ask that teams should consist of employees, families and friends.

It would be frowned upon if “outsiders” were bought into teams just to bolster the chances of winning. We have already stipulated that where an employee is also a member of a running club they can choose to run for either but not both.

Corporate Challenge Teams