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DELT Shared Services Schools Challenge

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Working with the Plymouth School Sports Partnership, we have launched the DELT Shared Services Primary Schools Challenge! 

All children in Plymouth can take part in this 13-mile running challenge which can be completed over 13 weeks.  Children will be able to take part in the activity in their school setting or at home, logging hours on their ‘Schools Challenge Log’.  

Schools Challenge Log Download 

Parents & Carers will be able to sign-up their children to the Schools Challenge and pay the entry fee online, which will avoid schools having to collate this information and collect payments. 

Sign up online here 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, we are unable to have the final mile event on Plymouth Hoe alongside the Half Marathon.  Whilst this is very disappointing news, we are dedicated to providing this highly valued opportunity for children in 2021, but also working really hard to ensure the opportunity exists in the future and we need your support.

Sadly, t-shirts will not be part of the overall package to children in 2021.  This really was a difficult decision to make, but t-shirts existed to assist with the safeguarding children (and adults) on the Hoe during the final mile event.  To reflect this decision, the entry fee has been reduced for 2021.

The entry fee for the 2021 DELT Shared Services Schools Challenge will be £8 per child, for which they will receive a quality medal and water bottle.

Children can start this challenge at home as soon as they have signed up and track their progress using the School Challenge Log

We hope that children, schools, parents, carers and the wider community will embrace this opportunity at a time when physical activity and wellbeing has never been so important. COVID-19 is a virus that puts the physically vulnerable at risk and attacks the airway and respiratory system, which is why the upkeep and maintenance of activity that promotes respiratory health, weight management and physical health is essential. 

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